Vollhartmetall-Werkzeuge / Solid carbide tools

201 Moving out of the deep hole drill - After reaching the maximum drilling depth, the deep hole drill must be retracted by 1-2 mm (depending on the diameter) for removal, possibly with programmed dwell time if the coolant pressure is too low. Then reduce the speed to max. 500 rpm or stop the spindle. Moving out of the drill hole with programmed feed rate (not with fast motion). Run into the pilot hole of the deep hole drill - Running in without internal cooling! - A rotation speed of max. 500rpm and 25-30% of the recommended feed rate will be programmed - 1 to 2 mm before the ground of the pilot hole running-in is finished. - Attention: For start-up of the spindle and pressure generation of internal cooling enough holding time is absolutely necessary! Deep hole drilling - The deep hole drilling must be performed following the recommended INOCUT cutting data but without chip removal (blowing). The feed rates need to be reduced by 50% in case of cross boring or at the end of the hole. Pilot drilling - The diameter of the pilot drill needs to be 0.02 mm bigger than the chosen deep hole drill. - A two flute drilling tool with a point angle of 140° is recommended. - The depth of the pilot hole should be 1.5xD up to maximum 5xD. Recommendation: As far as deep hole drilling is concerned, special operations and factors are particularly important to guarantee a well processing. An important characteristic of the drill is the special relief and the 4 guide margins offering the tool a perfect guidance and a smooth run. Deep hole drills enable a significant higher feed rate compared to gun drills. Recommendation for a length starting from 12xD (Article 710, 915 ) and obligatory for a length starting from 20xD (Article 920, 926, 931 ) with at least 40 bar internal cooling for a save chip removal. Specification for Inovatools solid carbide deep hole drills